The League of Ungentlemen

Well we have got to the end of the first month of the game and how did we all fair in the first month of the league competition, well the final results for month 1 are :-

Monthly Position  Team Name  Managers Name  Weeks Points  Months Points  YTD Points  YTD Position 
Longshots United  Emma Davies  70  70 
FC Nyet Zola  Trish Tye   68  68 
ujpest tossa  Steve Morton  57  57 
Chingford Chumps  Jon Urwin  51  51 
Surbo Geordies  Justin Wood  50  50 
Spawny Geek FC  Ian Coleman   37  37 
juanmooreowengoal  chris spring   37  37 
Roman'sloosechangeXI  nigel hudspith   34  34 
Oiiiiiiiii  Dave Farquharson   32  32 
10  Aubergines United  Alice O'Neill   21  21  10 
11  kingston frevver  tony zendle   17  17  11 
12  red rock city  steve bell   16  16  12 

So Trish did not manage to get out and buy a new team so that she could reclaim 1st place from Emma. So congratulations to Emma on winning the first months competition. Steve, John and myself stayed in the same positions that we have had for the last three weeks although I had a late charge in the last week to try to catch John.

Ian has been surprising us all month by not being bottom and like myself had a great last week for points to try to move up even higher, will he be able to keep this up ? Chris let Ian overtake him so we won't talk about that and last year Nigel was on of the front runners, will he recover from his poor start ( reminds me of a team that I support ) ?

Dave has not had a great start but will always blame me for not sending him his pin number. Alice has managed to get her aubergines to score more points than Tony (Man Utd Fan Tee Hee) and our rock bottom red rock.

I will give you all an update mid month to let you know what is going on. Till then good luck for month 2.

Month to date standings for Month Two

Monthly Position  Team Name  Managers Name  Weeks Points  Months Points 
ujpest tossa  Steve Morton  23  35 
Roman'sloosechangeXI  nigel hudspith   23  31 
Aubergines United  Alice O'Neill   15  21 
Oiiiiiiiii  Dave Farquharson   19 
red rock city  steve bell   -1  17 
kingston frevver  tony zendle   10  17 
Surbo Geordies  Justin Wood  16 
Longshots United  Emma Davies  -1  12 
Spawny Geek FC  Ian Coleman   10 
10  Chingford Chumps  Jon Urwin 
11  FC Nyet Zola  Trish Tye  
12  juanmooreowengoal  chris spring  

So as per true life the geordies have come back to life. Steve is top at the moment but is he about to meet his albion ? Nigel has woken up and will now probably make me eat my words. And what is happening with the Aubergines. All those below Alice need to remember that to get into her team you must have a nice name ! I am sitting happily in a mid table position just ready to pounce and climb over you all and Trish's money has run out and she has had to realise that her team are all expensive missfits. Till next week .... good luck...

Month to date standings for Month Two - 10/11/2003

Monthly Position  Team Name  Managers Name  Weeks Points  Months Points 
Roman'sloosechangeXIujpest tossa  nigel hudspith  19  63 
ujpest tossa  Steve Morton  19  62 
Surbo Geordies  Justin Wood   11  37 
Spawny Geek FC  Ian Coleman   14  36 
Kingston Frevver  Tony Zendle  15  35 
FC Nyet Zola  Trish Tye  19  33 
Chingford Chumps  Jon Urwin  10  28 
Oiiiiiiiii  Dave Farquharson  28 
Longshots United  Emma Davis  25 
10  Aubergines United  Alice O'Neill  24 
11  Red Rock City  Steve Bell  -5  21 
12  juanmooreowengoal  chris spring   12 
13  Borussia Jesmondbadcrack  Jamie Rowell  12 

Well just as I said last week Nigel is going to make me eat my words and has stormed into a 1 point lead over the geordie Steve who obviously did not have any Newcastle defenders in his team. Neither did I so have leapt as promised into third spot don't think will be quite able to catch the top two but you never know. Ian and Tony are chasing me hard but are deemed not to catch me.

Trish has gone out and brought a new team as we all suspected and this one is playing as a team and has shot her back up the league.
Jon, David and Emma have got a close battle going on you would think that with a baby now jon would have loads of time to concentrate on this game. Alice and Steve have dropped down after the good starts to the month. Not a good week for the players with good names then !

And at the bottom we have got Chris and Jamie. Jamie is a late starter so I don't know what Chris's excuse is.

Anyway I think the lest said about this weekends football the better and my best wishes to Chelsea ( Yeah right )

All remember that this game month ends on the 19th November and inbetween game months you can do unlimited transfers.

Till the next update good luck !!!

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